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Attorney David C. Sheldon Case Highlights

OVI - DUI Cases Show all case Highlights in this category

State v. ES - Medina Township Officer pulls over client for driving over and across white fog line; smells odor of alcohol; client admits to drinking 3-4 Rolling Rocks over 3 hours; Standardized Field Sobriety Tests; arrested and charged with OVI; blows .083 BAC; client's pharmacologist expert testifies at hearing that machine gave false reading due to client's diabetes (increasing BAC reading) and unreliable blow due to extended length of blow (32 seconds) State agrees to dismiss OVI in exchange for marked lanes violation (mm) and client attend 3 day school
State v. MK - Berea PD responds to crash scene; client rear-ended another vehicle; drugs found outside client's vehicle on ground in pill vial; Standardized Field Sobriety Tests; client lies about knowledge of drugs; client arrested & charged w/ Obstruction of Official Business (M2), Poss of Drugs M1, OVI & OVI refusal w/ prior in 6 years; ACDA; Fail to Control State dismisses all charges except two minor misdemeanors; fines and costs assessed
State v. JG - OSHP Trooper stops car for speeding; Standardized Field Sobriety Tests; strong odor of alcohol; bloodshot eyes; arrested for OVI; refuses breath test Reduced to reckless op (minor misdemeanor); fines and costs assessed

Personal Injury Cases Show all case Highlights in this category

Tina Harrell, et al. v. Delta Management, Inc. (dba Christie's Cabaret) - premises liability shooting case; 38-yr-old female entertainer shot inside club $425,000 settlement
Bulan Case - 38 yr. old female client rear-ended by drunk-driver; minivan totaled; soft tissue injury to neck & upper back; PT for 2 mos; med bills $760; settled for $14,500
King Case - 33 yr. old female client struck by motorist while walking in cross-walk; fractured tibia at plateau; medicals $3,100; 3 mos. healing and therapy; settled for $30,000

Criminal Cases Show all case Highlights in this category

State v. ET - Police stop vehicle operated by client's girlfriend on claim that another officer saw client, who did not have a driver's license, driving it minutes earlier; client charged with No Operator's License Case dismissed on day of trial
State v. DB - Client charged with Menacing of pipeline workers entering on his land to inspect for pipeline install State agreed to dismiss charge after pretrial discussions; costs to State
State v. RM - Client drives off roadway on curve and goes into front yard of home; Trooper arrives and smells alcohol; client unconscious at scene; Trooper finds loaded semi-automatic in center console; later charged at hospital with OVI and Improper Handling of Weapon in Motor Vehicle (felony 4) State amends to misdemeanor CCW; client fined and forfeits weapon